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For every "green" plan purchased we give 3 solar lights to a family in Africa.

You'll be amazed how far your generosity can stretch

The impact of a solar light on a family in Africa is truly remarkable

3 Solar lights for a family in Africa who otherwise wouldn't have access to clean energy means
People reached
Saved by families
Extra hours of child study time
Tonnes of CO2 emissions averted
People experiencing better health

Join Ex2 and Solar Aid and bring help for Africa

Starting at

get the package you need to hos your site, and we will give 3 solar lamps to faimilies in Africa who don't have access to electricity. We have partnered with https://solar-aid.org to make an impact on our world. Just one lamp can transform the fortunes of an entire family...

Green Hosting Benefits

State-of-the-art technologies without compromise and without impact on the planet
Renewable energy
A zero carbon footprint, and soon negative
Tailored technology
Plans adapted to your needs, without overconsumption
Environmental responsibility
And our customers and our future at the heart of our actions
Latest generation servers
And recycling or retrofitting of old servers

100% powered by renewable energy
Energy Sources

Ex2 has taken the initiative to go green by purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power its data centers, web servers, desktops, laptops and desktops. We are also a partner member of the Green Web Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the transition to a completely green Internet.

A local vision of ecology

Our environmental awareness is at the heart of everything we do. Our data centres run on renewable energy, but we don't stop there. At Ex2, we appreciate :
  • a paperless organization, from invoices, to customer orders and specifications, we manage everything on our screens.
  • a kitchen without plates and disposable cutlery. Ceramic cups and mugs. An espresso machine without capsules.
  • videoconference meetings whenever possible, to avoid unnecessary air or car travel.
  • modern, energy-efficient computers in our offices that use technologies similar to those we deploy on our servers.
  • a generous home-working policy. Why take the road to find yourself in front of the same screen you have at home.
  • a credit for the purchase of a bicycle or any other means of electric transport.

Ex2, Internet, global warming and you (our customers)

Many researchers predict that by 2030 the Internet will be the world's largest source of pollution. As a host, we are of course in the middle of this ecological disaster. While our goal is obviously to reduce our carbon footprint to zero through the actions mentioned above, we also want to contribute sustainably to the clean-up of our planet and the necessary awareness of our industry.

Green hosting, what does it matter?

Does hosting my site with a company that uses renewable energy make a difference?

Today, data centers represent 2% of global carbon emissions, as much as the aviation industry! And the problem is getting more and more serious. By 2040, data centres will produce 14% of global carbon emissions, the same as the United States. It's time to roll up your sleeves and do something!

By purchasing a hosting plan from us, you are certain to have a hosting powered by renewable energy at no additional cost to you. Why not be part of the solution rather than the problem?

And for those who wish to get more involved, we have teamed up with Solar Aid to provide green accommodation, a gesture for people already in need, who will suffer the consequences of global warming long before us.

In 2021 Ex2 has donated over 250 solar lights, reaching 1349 people, saving families almost 50K€, giving children 251.4k hours of extra study time, decreasing CO2 emissions by 265.3 tonnes and allowing 655 people to live healthier lives. Help us change the world!


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